this story is a true and a factual account and should not be tampered with or removed .

Train 2 game my story. 

The following information is a true and honest personal account of train2game


       A first attempt to tell this was blocked, and the site removed from  
     public view !!

In December 2014 after searching around on the internet and library I came across train2game .I had always had an interest in computers and art.. The  information was inviting and so when the representative attended my home to explain about the company and course in further details I was of course eager to find out more.


This site has been set up on my behalf to give my personal account and experience of train2game and its affiliated finance company .

It will show how the course I was persuaded to sign up to is not taught over all the platforms I was told it was.

How I was mislead and misinformed by the sales representative and given the hard sell.

How verbal assurances at the point of sale are and were inaccurate. Together with the pressure sale into the finance via the sister company of train2game. It will also show how the course pushed on to me with its prestigious TIGA awards does not even exist any more.

How less than a few months after starting the course. All affiliation with train2game and Tiga was cut. So the so called  exclusive product and course sold on finance does not even exist any more.

This site has been set up and is managed by others to help me tell my story and to allow the wider public the chance to see for themselves all the information available. So they can make informed decissions about what is truly offered..

It will show how train2game representatives lie and mislead people, and how the finance company(part of train2game) refuses to acknowledge that consumers have rights to rescind from a contract when the service product is miss sold. And refuses to allow customers the consumer right to rescind from an agreement when the product /service  in question miss sold and pressure sold to them on finance does in fact  NO LONGER EVEN EXIST. Only months after the finance for the product/service started.

It will also show how they even claim paperwork  never seen before was "signed" supposedly by me!

Research since signing up has shown Train2game and its affiliated companies have gone to great lengths to shut down sites detailing  any complaints against them.

This site has been set up to tell an individuals honest and true account and personal opinion and experience. It should there for not be objected to or interfered with as an individual has a right to document and tell their personal story and individual experience. Without the fear of being sued or accused of libel. Without the right to document  such individual accounts and experiences of services or goods provided by companies organizations and institutions  both good or bad .Those seeking information about such are denied the right to make informed choices.

The site will detail events up to the present time .With documents ,letters scanned in when possible .It will give full details of the complaint sent to train2game and their sister company caledonian consumer finance.

 The unbelievable response received so far to the request to rightfully rescind from a course that was 1) miss sold 2) no  Longer exists 3) was pressure sold. 4) a finance agreement where full examination of goods not avalible untill AFTER cooling of period. 5) a product service sold on finance that is not as described .

 It will then continue in the form of a blog.

All that is being asked is that the finance and course be ended as is the consumers right when a product/ service is miss sold or no longer available .As BOTH of these apply, the opportunity is being given to train2game and its finance company. Caledonian consumer finance to do just that. It is that decision that controls this sites outcome and they are invited into discussion's over such.Rather then using their weight to get sites sut don just because they do not like the content.

this story is a true and a factual account and should not be tampered with or removed .
this story is a true and a factual account and should not be tampered with or removed .
this story is a true and a factual account and should not be tampered with or removed .
this story is a true and a factual account and should not be tampered with or removed .
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